Safety Today -- Tomorrow may be too late....Insurance is good--protection is better-Accident prevention is best.....Safety is respect for law......Accidents hurt more than just the victim.....The ABC's of Safety: Always Be Careful......The best safety device is a careful worker.......It's better to wear a helmet than a bandage.....Your first accident may be your last, observe safety practice......Prevent Accidents, Don't let death take your holiday.......Careless little habits cause big accidents.......

Crisis Groups For Disaster Management

 Accident Case Studies,Summaries & Weblinks
Accident Case Studies
Lessons Of Bhopal Tragedy And Increased Need Of Safety
Chlorine Leak from Tonner
Chlorine Tonner Explosion in a Chlorine Manufacturing Unit
Accidental Chlorine Leakage
Explosion in Road Tanker
Explosion during distillation of 3:4 Dichloro aniline
Explosion in reactor due to Static Charge
Explosion in reactor for ethyl cellulose manufacturing
Hot Material Fall on Workers in a Maize Plant
Accident Case Summaries
Accident case study summaries
Accident Case Weblinks
Links for Accident Case Studies

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