Safety Today -- Tomorrow may be too late....Insurance is good--protection is better-Accident prevention is best.....Safety is respect for law......Accidents hurt more than just the victim.....The ABC's of Safety: Always Be Careful......The best safety device is a careful worker.......It's better to wear a helmet than a bandage.....Your first accident may be your last, observe safety practice......Prevent Accidents, Don't let death take your holiday.......Careless little habits cause big accidents.......

Crisis Groups For Disaster Management

 Links for Books and Training Stuff
  Online safety library

  Good training stuff on chemical hazard
  How to plan work place emergencies document-OSHA
  Chemical Thesaurus software encyclopedia-chemical accidents
  Download CAMEO software
  Safety information on internet
  Superb web links page for safety
  Safety Training videos and DVDs availability-OSHA
  Safety PPT and Posters by Vermont SIRI- superb safety
  training stuff-free
  Chemo genesis web book- good knowledge resource

Knowledge Links
•  MSDS and Safety
•  Accident Case Studies
•  Books and Training
•  Links for Institutes


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