Aristotle's remarks that anyone can become angry that is easy. But to be angry with the right persons, to the right degree, at the right time, for the right person, and in right way that is not easy, is extremely significant in context with IQ, EQ, SQ and safety.

One may have very high IQ but without reasonable self-control. One cannot maintain good relationship with others nor can have concentration at wok. A divisional manager in railways said I was a low grad student but as an officer I was graded first class because I could instill enthusiasm in people and motivated them. Concentration as well as enthusiasm is corner stones for safety measure. Good IQ alone don't make you champion in safety. Many individual with high IQ are selfish, careless and egoist which might interfere in safety measure. A senior account in multinational company said that when Icompleted my education I thought my problem will be account but now my problem is people problems. Individual with good EQ are able to deal with and motivate people effectively. If you can make other s feel good they would readily agree anything for you and betterment for company. It has been observed due to high IQ you are hired and due to lack of EQ you are fired. Nelson Mandela has aptly said good heart and head are always good formidable combination. This statement is true because it is with heart that one sees rightly. Remember what is essential is invisible to the eyes.

During 1980's Peter Salovy of Yalr University and john Mayer of New Hampshire University quoted EQ denial best selling books emotional intelligence brought this concept into lime light. The famous experiment which is known as marsh mellow experiment is interesting to understand the concept emotional intelligence and relationship with safety. Large numbers of school children were divided into two groups on the basis of simple test. All the children were given a marsh mellow sweet and they were told that if you don't eat this sweet for half an hour we will reward you with another sweet. If you don't want to wait you are free this one sweet. Many children were enable to wait for half an hour and they enjoyed that sweet. There were some who have some enough and some how they waited for half an hour. Subsequently they were rewarded with another sweet. After 20 years when these children were grown up and were agreed in different jobs they were contacted. Children waited for half an hour were much more successful in their respective field as compare to Childers who lacked self control. The self control goes of a long way in implementing the safety measure. EQ gives motivation empathy compassion and skillfully to pleasure and pain. The eight quality of EQ are (1) self control (2) delay gratification (3) can do attitude (4) self disciplined (5) motivated (6) aspire for excellence (7) good character (8) better judgment.

Michel persinger and V.S of university of California PET's scan of many individual when thy about religion. They found that the area of frontal lob was illuminated during religious thought they called it Gods spot. Dana Zohar and Iam marshell did extensive studies of spiritual intelligence and wrote and interesting books titled( spiritual intelligence the ultimate intelligence). Their are many managers who have reached in their 30's but experience a hollow or vacuum vidhi I thing this resulted of the lack of spiritual intelligence. It's an common experience that because of good IQ executive r hired but they need good EQ to be promoted and good SQ is a prerequisite to be satisfied in life. SQ is the most important attributes of human being and foundation for both IQ and EQ. Spiritual Quotient solves problem of meaning and value. SQ will makes us champion of safety measures because it transfers ourselves and others. It heals relationship. And helps us to cope with grief and move conditioned habits of past. SQ is best predictor of happiness serenity, good self-esteem, harmonious and loving relationship. To improve your SQ keep on reminding that you have higher goals in life. And no one make you unhappy without your own concept. People with high SQ he will present moment they think, see hear and act. This obviously makes them less prone to accident. Seven factors for SQ are (1) understanding (2) introspection (3) acceptance (4) desire to improve (5) faith (6) panache (7) patience.

Spiritual person has seven qualities in life (1) understand the meaning of life (2) experience the innate qualities of the self such as peace, love, purity, happiness and so on (3) action are guided by value (4) realistic self-esteem (5) think creativity (6) adoptability to change (7) life full and reach of positive experiences. It is said that experience is greet teacher. But in the area of safety wise learns before experiences and make their safe and free from suffering.

Dr. Girish Patel MBBS (Bom), Ph.D (Psy. Th.) and F.R.S.H (Lon.), is an expert in treatment of stress related diseases & health promotion. He trains doctors, managers, business personnel, youth & so on in areas such as stress management, mid motivation, team spirit, personality improvement, presentation skill, etc. He is an author, international trainer, motivator & an organizer.

He had a brilliant academic carrier, studying medicine at Topiwala National Medical College, Mumbai. Dr. Patel has done postgraduate studies for doctorate in psychotherapist. He is the fellow of Royal Society of Health, London & patron of the Society for the Preservation of Medical Ethics. During his premedical college studies itself he was interested in yogic techniques & meditation. He has studied various techniques of meditation including Raja Yoga taught by Prajapita Brahma Kumaris Ishwariya Vishwa Vidyalaya.



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