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Chlorine Tonner Explosion Accident

In a large factory producing Chlorine, Hydrogen, Caustic lye, Caustic Flakes, Chloroform, Methylene etc. an accident of Chlorine Tonner Explosion took place on 5th Sept 2002 at about 11 A.M.

Incident: In the filling section of the plant, liquid chlorine is filled at 11 kg./cm2 pressure. Filling was started in tonner no. GC 1606 88. This tonner had come from Anugrah In Organic, which manufactures monochloro acetic acid. After sometime, operation checked the temperature of the tonner from the outside, with his hands. Operator felt it hot. He immediately stopped the filling operator and tonner was removed from the filling line and with help of crane, he took it to the neutralization bay for neutralization purpose. While taking to the neutralization bay, the tonner exploded on the hanging position.

Cause of the incident: Due to the chemical reaction between chemicals inside the tonner pressure inside the tonner tremendously increased and exploded the tonner in the hanging position and there was liquid spray splash but no chlorine leakage. The spray contained mono chloro acitic acid.

Area & persons affected: Due to the explosion, atmosphere in the plant became fumming and because of the splash of the chemicals which were inside the tonner, 24 workers who were working of the filling section, nearby and passing by this area were affected and out there workers, 4 workers expired.

Action to be taken for non repetition of such incident:

• Empty chlorine tonner received back, be sent to tonner preparation section   for evacuation of gases of tonner, valves / spindle checking.
Before filling and during filling, weight of tonner, physical condition and   temperature be kept under watch.
Use of safety equipments ( Gas Masks etc ) during filling.
Chlorine sensors be installed at different locations .


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