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Toxic Chlorine Gas Leak

In a public water works, chlorine gas leaked from Chlorine tonner on
7-10-2003 at 17.45 hrs.

Incident : Chlorine gas leaked at about 17.45 hrs. Contractor Supervisor was on the job noticed the leakage. He immediately informed Chemist / Supervisor of filtration Plant. He rushed to the site at 18.00 hrs. And checked the tonner, connection etc. and noticed the leakages of Chlorine gas from valve spindle. He immediately called the fire brigade. Fire-brigade personnel came to site and tried to close the leakages of Chlorine gas. However it could not be controlled. At last, they pushed the toner in the alkali pit. At night 01-30 hrs. after ensuring that. Chlorine gas is emptied out from the tonner; the tonner was taken out from the pit and placed at a safe place.

Cause of the incident: Leakage of chlorine gas from valve spindle of the tonner.

Area and persons affected: People residing in nearby area were affected due to leakage of chlorine gas and 74 people were hospitalized.

Action taken for non-repetition of such incidents:

(1) Emergency kit for chlorine shall be provided and kept.

(2) FRP hood shall be provided around chlorine tonner to restrict leaked gas      from spreading around.

(3) Two nos. of self-breathing apparatus shall be provided and workers shall
     be given periodical training to handle it safely in case of emergency.

(4) Arrangement shall be made for special training to the workers to handle
    chlorine tonner.


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